Supplier reduction
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Supplier Reduction

Virtually every company has a level of Indirect Procurement, otherwise known as 'goods not for re-sale'.

Indirect Procurement consists of all the products and services a company needs to operate. This includes commodities such as Business Supplies, Printed Materials, Workwear, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Workspace Solutions, Hygiene, IT services and Managed Print Services.

Indirect Procurement is a pure overhead cost and while on the surface it may seem like an area of insignificance, deeper analysis shows that companies can be spending between 15-27% of their revenue on Indirect Procurement.

A recent survey conducted by Deloitte concluded that 8 out of 10 Financial Directors did not track the overall level of their Indirect Procurement. The report concluded that 70% of Chief Purchasing Officers have now identified Indirect Procurement as an area requiring significant improvement.

Companies across the UK are beginning to realise that dealing with multiple suppliers adds unnecessary complexity, cost and time pressure to their procurement process.

Consolidate your Supply Chain
Reduce the number of suppliers you deal with by up to 80% and simplify your procurement process

Indirect Procurement Spend
15-27% of a company’s turnover is spent on Indirect Procurement

Reduce Administration
Reduce duplication in the procurement process by up to 80% and spend less time managing suppliers.

At Complete we specialise in providing managed procurement services that have been designed to deliver practically every commodity and service your company needs to operate, from one single source.

Our simplified procurement process will help you tailor and streamline your supply chain which will ultimately save you valuable time and lead to increased productivity and efficiency. Consolidating your supply chain will also help you leverage your buying power across all the products and services you procure.

As part of the consolidation process, our specialist teams will provide you with detailed spend analysis, giving you full visibility and control over your purchases which will enable you to make informed decisions that will help reduce the overall cost of your procurement.