Complete zero

At Complete, we understand the challenges you face when sourcing and purchasing the products and services your business needs to run ethically.

Our responsibilities as a business covers 3 areas…

Our corporate responsibilities

To ensure we continually deliver value to our customers.

Our environmental responsibilities

To continually reduce ours and our customers negative environmental impacts and help our supply partners achieve the same.

Our social responsibilities

To continue to be a responsible, ethical, diverse employer that supports our local communities. With branches across the UK we provide local service, nationwide.

Project Complete zero

Reducing our collective environmental impact is a priority for all businesses. At Complete, we are committed to leading the way towards complete zero.

When consolidating your products and services with us, you will reduce the number of vehicles delivering goods to your premises, reducing congestion and pollution as a result.

Our project zero initiative focuses on reducing our own environment impacts, while helping our customers achieve their environmental goals.

Truline EV 1
Van Unloading

Collaboration and consolidation delivers lower emissions

Businesses often receive multiple deliveries from different suppliers. This increases congestion and pollution, not to mention paperwork.

When dealing with Complete, you can enjoy the convenience of receiving all your business products and services at the same time, from one supplier. As a result, you will improve your internal efficiencies, as well as your environmental impact by reducing the number of deliveries you receive daily, thereby reducing pollution.

Our path to Complete zero

We are seeing a massive shift towards sustainable procurement and most forward-thinking companies are taking a more holistic approach to the purchasing of their goods and services.

Despite this, many companies are struggling to get to grips with their indirect Scope 3 emissions, which on average forms over 70% of a company’s carbon footprint and in some cases as high as 97%.

At Complete we are totally committed to providing the most sustainable procurement solution, but there is no silver bullet or magic wand. If we are to achieve the UK’s target of becoming a net zero economy by 2050 it will be a journey where collaboration between all parties is required.

Look at our plan below see how we are measuring, managing and developing solutions that can reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions which will then directly reduce your Scope 3 emissions.

Get in touch with us today to start your own path to complete zero