Our CSR Charter

December 19, 2023 4:46 pm Published by

Introducing… our new Complete CSR charter.

Because we take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.

Our four pillars are:

1.      Our Environment
2.      Our Community
3.      Our Supply Chain
4.      Our People

Our purpose is to go beyond the norm to create better outcomes:

– Looking ahead with purpose to provide creative solutions to the challenges we face as a business and wider community

– Going above and beyond for our customers and suppliers, working in a trustworthy and responsible way and staying in line with evolving legislation

– Considering the environment in our decision making to ensure reduced impacts

– Providing those less fortunate than ourselves with access to opportunities they may not otherwise have

– Collaborating with strategic partners to ensure our decisions are well-informed and deliver our targets

– Ensuring integrity of supply chain through responsible procurement processes.

That’s how Complete is to go forward. We’re determined to be different.

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