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Sustainable Promotional Products

19 December 2023

Your demand for sustainable promotional products is soaring – we’re hearing more requests than ever before.

But what’s available?

We’ve really expanded our range, now stocking:

–         Pens made from recycled aluminium cans, using 100% green electricity.

–         Lanyards, shopper bags, cooler bags and backpacks made from recycled water bottles.

–         Pencils produced from recycled newspapers.

–         Rulers made partly from wheat.

–         Name badges created from sustainable bamboo…

…and much more! Check out our brochure for our incredible range of sustainable products.

Our CSR Charter

19 December 2023

Introducing… our new Complete CSR charter.

Because we take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.

Our four pillars are:

1.      Our Environment
2.      Our Community
3.      Our Supply Chain
4.      Our People

Our purpose is to go beyond the norm to create better outcomes:

– Looking ahead with purpose to provide creative solutions to the challenges we face as a business and wider community

– Going above and beyond for our customers and suppliers, working in a trustworthy and responsible way and staying in line with evolving legislation

– Considering the environment in our decision making to ensure reduced impacts

– Providing those less fortunate than ourselves with access to opportunities they may not otherwise have

– Collaborating with strategic partners to ensure our decisions are well-informed and deliver our targets

– Ensuring integrity of supply chain through responsible procurement processes.

That’s how Complete is to go forward. We’re determined to be different.

Sustainable washroom supplies

19 December 2023

Do you know where your toilet paper comes from?

You will if you use our sustainable washroom products!

We supply Katrin’s products – the wood used in their paper is taken from their own forests.

99.6% of the water used in their processes is surface water from lakes and rivers.

The plastic material in their dispensers is 100% recyclable.

They use 80% renewable energy in their production.

And for every tree cut down, they plant four more.

Check out our brochure for more on their incredible story.

Our school furniture range

19 December 2023

Do you remember splintered wooden desks and chairs at school? Perhaps there was an ancient inkhole in the top corner…

Fortunately, school furniture has evolved a bit since then!

Our range of chairs from Titan has been designed to conform to UK safety and ergonomic standards – so hopefully no more achy bottoms during lessons!

The chairs are ultra-strong to cope with the most rumbustious of environments. Plus, they come with anti-tilt legs.

Message Complete’s Phil Sibson if you’d like to know more.

What are your memories of school furniture?

Achieving Zero Emissions by 2025

19 December 2023

Zero Emissions by 2025.

Carbon Neutral by 2035.

Net Zero by 2045.

How do we get there? By working collaboratively across our operations, employees, supply chain and customers to take a stand to protect our natural environment.

Only then will we be able to produce long-lasting change for the security of future generations.

As you can see, Complete is no ordinary business supplies and services company

Partnering with Nestle for International Coffee Day

19 December 2023

Our sales team in Cardiff has partnered with Nestlé in a special campaign on International Coffee Day.

They contacted Complete customers who already buy coffee to let them know about the available promotions.

The team also got in touch with customers who don’t purchase coffee to make them aware of our single-source solution – demonstrating how they can benefit from our partnership with one of the many big brands we work with.

Thanks to Andrew Rana from Product Promotion Services for helping to arrange what was a very successful day – including selling 150 tins of coffee!

We’re a HP Amplify Impact Catalyst 5-Star Partner

19 December 2023

One of just a handful in the WORLD!

It’s all very well saying you are building for a sustainable future but how do you prove it’s not just words?

Well, Complete is an HP Amplify Impact Catalyst 5-Star Partner, meaning HP recognise our sustainability commitment to customers and employees.

We empower our people to drive positive, lasting change for our Planet, People, and Community.

Proving that what we say is backed up by actions.

Unique business cards for your business

19 December 2023

Do you love business cards?

Or have you gone all digital?

We still love the feeling of a new business card between our fingers!
Especially when you can be as creative as this…

And as environmentally friendly!

We only use FSC material and we can create bespoke templated cards and print inhouse. We’ve also got scores of different substrates and finishes available.

Plus, templates can be added to our online web2print portal for future ordering – allowing you to order quickly and conveniently.

It’s enough to make you stick with business cards forever!

How sustainable is your workwear?

19 December 2023

We’ve seen an increased demand for sustainable workwear over the past year as buyers become more aware of where their garments come from, how they are produced, and what impact this has.

Not only are many of our garments manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials, but the packaging is also considered, removing plastic where possible – from tags and labels, to the outer packaging and boxes used to ship the garments.

That includes hi-vis clothing, footwear, suiting and office wear, healthcare uniforms, and PPE.

Complete also offers a workwear recycling service to stop your old workwear going into landfill – it’s all part of our circular sustainability process where we try and ensure all of our products are recycled.

Get in touch with Laura Probert, Sandie morris or Kyle Hough if you’d like to know more.

Our sustainable product range

19 December 2023

Rulers made partly from wheat.

Pencils from recycled newspapers.

Pens from recycled aluminium cans.

Workwear, lanyards, shopper bags, cooler bags and backpacks made from recycled water bottles.

Name badges created from sustainable bamboo.

It’s incredible how many sustainable products are available and we stock all of the above and more.

Flick through our brochure below and see how you can make your company’s promotional material more ecologically friendly in 2024.