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Our CSR Charter

19 December 2023

Introducing… our new Complete CSR charter.

Because we take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.

Our four pillars are:

1.      Our Environment
2.      Our Community
3.      Our Supply Chain
4.      Our People

Our purpose is to go beyond the norm to create better outcomes:

– Looking ahead with purpose to provide creative solutions to the challenges we face as a business and wider community

– Going above and beyond for our customers and suppliers, working in a trustworthy and responsible way and staying in line with evolving legislation

– Considering the environment in our decision making to ensure reduced impacts

– Providing those less fortunate than ourselves with access to opportunities they may not otherwise have

– Collaborating with strategic partners to ensure our decisions are well-informed and deliver our targets

– Ensuring integrity of supply chain through responsible procurement processes.

That’s how Complete is to go forward. We’re determined to be different.

Achieving Zero Emissions by 2025

19 December 2023

Zero Emissions by 2025.

Carbon Neutral by 2035.

Net Zero by 2045.

How do we get there? By working collaboratively across our operations, employees, supply chain and customers to take a stand to protect our natural environment.

Only then will we be able to produce long-lasting change for the security of future generations.

As you can see, Complete is no ordinary business supplies and services company