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Why choose a Managed Print solution?

Office printing can swallow up to 3% of your annual turnover. With a strategy from Complete’s Managed Print Service, you can enjoy greater control, security, reliability, and notable cost savings. By drawing together a range of technologies and multiple vendors, we ensure you have the best solutions and prices at your fingertips. Our unique 4D process employs four simple steps to gather insight into your business operations, and means we can devise a truly informed strategy for now and the future.

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Our objective

Our proactive MPS solution will recommend a strategy that provides visibility, control, security, reliability and cost savings. Our multi-vendor solution enables us to make unbiased recommendations which, reviewed regularly, will provide the best results.

In a few simple steps, we are able to recommend improvements in every aspect of your printing environment. It starts with assessing your current infrastructure, then designing your bespoke solution followed by implementing the agreed plan.

From the first meeting to the time following the implementation, we provide you with the appropriate account management to ensure our solution continuously meets your needs and adapts to any changes that occur within your business.

The Complete process

Phase 1: Discover

The discovery stage allows us to understand your existing infrastructure, processes, requirements and costs. We will evaluate what printers and multi-function devices you currently have and use, as well as record your printing habits, methods and requirements.

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Phase 2: Design

At a pace that suits you, we then create a tailored solution for your business based upon the analysis completed in the assessment stage. The new plan outlines recommendations and proposed changes, as well as quantifying potential savings. Solutions range from automated printer supplies replenishment to a complete review and restructure of your printing environment including hardware, supplies and service support.

Step 3: Deployment

The deployment stage is the implementation of the solution and is managed by a dedicated project team and will include any appropriate training for you and your team.

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Step 4: Develop

Proactive management and consultation with you to review savings and to ensure your print solution continues to develop and remain be the best solution for your business.

The Complete Difference

Multi-vendor Support

Complete’s long list of manufacturer accreditations means we can proudly provide support and maintenance for a broad range of print hardware brands and formats.

4D Approach

Our unique position in assisting major UK manufacturers means we have the experience and data to help you not only design the perfect solution for today, but continue to develop that solution to fit future needs.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Complete we take our commitment to quality very seriously. We are proud of our ISO 9001 status and have procedures in place to always ensure a high quality of service.

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