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Sustainable washroom supplies

19 December 2023

Do you know where your toilet paper comes from?

You will if you use our sustainable washroom products!

We supply Katrin’s products – the wood used in their paper is taken from their own forests.

99.6% of the water used in their processes is surface water from lakes and rivers.

The plastic material in their dispensers is 100% recyclable.

They use 80% renewable energy in their production.

And for every tree cut down, they plant four more.

Check out our brochure for more on their incredible story.

Partnering with Nestle for International Coffee Day

19 December 2023

Our sales team in Cardiff has partnered with Nestlé in a special campaign on International Coffee Day.

They contacted Complete customers who already buy coffee to let them know about the available promotions.

The team also got in touch with customers who don’t purchase coffee to make them aware of our single-source solution – demonstrating how they can benefit from our partnership with one of the many big brands we work with.

Thanks to Andrew Rana from Product Promotion Services for helping to arrange what was a very successful day – including selling 150 tins of coffee!