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Sustainable Promotional Products

19 December 2023

Your demand for sustainable promotional products is soaring – we’re hearing more requests than ever before.

But what’s available?

We’ve really expanded our range, now stocking:

–         Pens made from recycled aluminium cans, using 100% green electricity.

–         Lanyards, shopper bags, cooler bags and backpacks made from recycled water bottles.

–         Pencils produced from recycled newspapers.

–         Rulers made partly from wheat.

–         Name badges created from sustainable bamboo…

…and much more! Check out our brochure for our incredible range of sustainable products.

Unique business cards for your business

19 December 2023

Do you love business cards?

Or have you gone all digital?

We still love the feeling of a new business card between our fingers!
Especially when you can be as creative as this…

And as environmentally friendly!

We only use FSC material and we can create bespoke templated cards and print inhouse. We’ve also got scores of different substrates and finishes available.

Plus, templates can be added to our online web2print portal for future ordering – allowing you to order quickly and conveniently.

It’s enough to make you stick with business cards forever!

Our sustainable product range

19 December 2023

Rulers made partly from wheat.

Pencils from recycled newspapers.

Pens from recycled aluminium cans.

Workwear, lanyards, shopper bags, cooler bags and backpacks made from recycled water bottles.

Name badges created from sustainable bamboo.

It’s incredible how many sustainable products are available and we stock all of the above and more.

Flick through our brochure below and see how you can make your company’s promotional material more ecologically friendly in 2024.

Do you buy paper through touch?

31 May 2022

Our print specialists carry swatch books which demonstrate some of the many finishes we supply and keep in-house at Complete.

There’s look, feel and weight to consider – there’s nothing like holding a quality piece of paper in your hand!

All our paper material is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved so it can match the environmental ambitions of your brand.

As well as the house stocks our team carry with them, we can also access other material in the marketplace upon request.

What elements do you consider when you buy print?