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Our school furniture range

19 December 2023

Do you remember splintered wooden desks and chairs at school? Perhaps there was an ancient inkhole in the top corner…

Fortunately, school furniture has evolved a bit since then!

Our range of chairs from Titan has been designed to conform to UK safety and ergonomic standards – so hopefully no more achy bottoms during lessons!

The chairs are ultra-strong to cope with the most rumbustious of environments. Plus, they come with anti-tilt legs.

Message Complete’s Phil Sibson if you’d like to know more.

What are your memories of school furniture?

Neurodiversity in the workplace

19 December 2023

How does your brain work? What about your teams’?

And does your office help or hinder that?

‘Neurodiversity’ is a word used to explain the unique ways people’s brains work.

While everyone’s brains develop similarly, no two brains function just alike. Being neurodivergent means having a brain that works differently from the average or “neurotypical” person.

So are you embracing neurodiversity in your workplace?

Businesses that do are known to benefit from better performance from both neurotypical and neurodiverse employees.

Which leads to benefits from a personal level all the way to the bottom line.

We can advise how to support wider employee needs as well as provide specialist biophilic and sensory solutions. These can be based around things such as:

– Acoustics
– Light
– Tactile solutions
– Colour
– Clear wayfinding
– Visual engaging space
– Natural environments for all

We are passionate about enabling people to make the most of their workplace setting. Connect to Complete’s Phil Sibson if you’d like to know more.