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How sustainable is your workwear?

19 December 2023

We’ve seen an increased demand for sustainable workwear over the past year as buyers become more aware of where their garments come from, how they are produced, and what impact this has.

Not only are many of our garments manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials, but the packaging is also considered, removing plastic where possible – from tags and labels, to the outer packaging and boxes used to ship the garments.

That includes hi-vis clothing, footwear, suiting and office wear, healthcare uniforms, and PPE.

Complete also offers a workwear recycling service to stop your old workwear going into landfill – it’s all part of our circular sustainability process where we try and ensure all of our products are recycled.

Get in touch with Laura Probert, Sandie morris or Kyle Hough if you’d like to know more.